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puss in boots

26 June 2017

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Read more:!/wired/status/185037686988472320 If you’ve spent any time at all on Twitter (and of course you have, else why are you on Twitchy?) you have experienced the dreaded “unfollow bug” which causes your account to drop one or more of your followers. You probably got the first notification by plaintive “Why did you unfollow me?” message and, […]

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420 morpheus

21 June 2017

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Compulsive Liars

20 June 2017

Read more:!/ListenUp_Hoe/status/219489225698054144 What have we gotten so far out of Chris Brown and Drake’s beef? There’s been a lot of speculation as to just where Rihanna’s heart lies, nightclub incidents with broken bottles and minor injuries and now a Chris Brown diss track. Twitter has been comparing this feud to other famous feuds throughout history, and […]

People do unspeakably cruel things to innocent animals. What’s most heartbreaking of all is that it seems like some people bring pets into their lives just to turn around and abuse them. That’s something that a sweet dog named Angel knows all too well. When she was brought to the awesome folks at Rescue From […]

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Confused Gandalf

16 June 2017!/LindseyGrahamSC/status/420310141490044928 Yikes! Sounds like Sen. Graham had a pretty crazy day:!/LindseyGrahamSC/status/420311372337930243!/LindseyGrahamSC/status/420312055460020224 We’re not sure what happened, exactly, but we’re glad that he and everyone on board were OK. *** Related: Twitchy coverage of Lindsey Graham Read more:

Read more:!/_R_S_S_/status/494346577318662144 Ladies and gentlemen, presenting Kenneth Roth:!/KenRoth/status/494227604598452225 Dude, who is this guy?!/AG_Conservative/status/494493535421620227 Well, that much is clear. But he’s not just any idiot:!/RBPundit/status/494495511911886848 Considering that he’s the executive director of an organization claiming to be committed to defending human rights, he seems to have a rather slippery grasp on human rights. And on reality, really:!/ZuluMuster/status/494346179014950912!/mountainofyah/status/494494906963206144 […]

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” View this image › Crystal Ro / Buzzfeed / demachi / Thinkstock / Daniel Hurst / Thinkstock demachi / Thinkstock jvoisey / Thinkstock ahau1969 / Thinkstock KHellon / Thinkstock AmandaLewis / Thinkstock HIRO/amanaimagesRF / Thinkstock cmfotoworks / Thinkstock Emil Huston […]!/Ronin4Hire/status/514631615356862464 California Governor Jerry Brown so far doesn’t appear to be facing a tight re-election battle against Republican Neel Kashkari: CA Republican Neel Kashkari, who boasts being socially liberal, trails Gov. Jerry Brown by 21pts. #ModerateFlop — Laura Ingraham (@IngrahamAngle) September 24, 2014 The “moderate” Republican candidate trails Gov. Jerry Brown big time: Democratic […]

Did you know that National Teddy Bear Day is on September 9? I didn’t either, but I’m so glad that I found out, because I’ve always loved those cuddly toys as a kid. The only thing that could have made them better for me was if they were actually alive. But, as I recently found […]!/Knothea/status/326103730984460289 Saddest graffiti I’ve seen 😢 – City Love #bostonstrong #boston #nike #love #graffiti #citylove… — sammi (@misssammiss) April 21, 2013 #bostonstrong #UMass #graffiti… — Laura Johnson (@Laura_H_J) April 20, 2013 Here’s an example of how to do bathroom graffiti correctly. #BostonStrong… — SMILE (@philrosario) April 19, 2013 Well wishes and Boston […]

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06 June 2017

As Twitchy has told you, some graduate students teaching at Yale started a “hunger strike” in an attempt to improve their union benefits. The strike is symbolic in nature, so participants have been encouraged to leave to eat if they’re getting too hungry. Campus Republicans are reportedly active in the area: Yale College Republicans barbecuing […]

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