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Released: 2011-04-05

The Time Baroness (The Time Mistress Series) by Georgina Young-Ellis


The Time Baroness:
It started out as such a simple experiment: time-travel to Jane Austen’s England, live a quiet, rural life as a woman of independent means, observe and notate. I never thought I would fall in love or… end up planning a prison break! When did everything go so terribly wrong? October 24, 1820 – Dr. Cassandra Reilly

Editorial Review: The Queens Gazette, New York City

Local Astoria resident Georgina Young- Ellis has made dreams of time travel possible for readers in her new novel, The Time Baroness.

Published by Leaping Tall Buildings Productions LLC, the novel follows mother and scientist Dr. Cassandra Reilly as she travels back to the time of Jane Austen, 1820. But she starts out ahead, in the year 2120, England. The trip starts as an experiment to understand the life of an “independent” woman of the time, specifically, a wealthy widow amongst her peers. It begins with thorough preparation: a few practice sessions in 19th century speech and mannerisms, some holographic shopping for appropriate attire, and a good night’s rest.

However, Reilly runs into problems greater than simply blending in at a dinner party. An affair begins, threatening her reputation and revealing the vastly different attitudes toward women at the time. Her occasional futuristic slips raise questions about her odd ways. And in the midst of her struggles, her son arrives unannounced, bringing with him a whole new set of troubles and catalyzing her own.

The novel follows Reilly’s journey through unexpected love, adventure and even crime as she finds herself left behind by 300 years, in a world vastly different from her own, It is from the least expected source that she finally receives help and sets history and the future back onto the right path–one that, perhaps, should have remained untampered with.

Boasting a rare but impressive solid five star review on, The Time Baroness has become popular with lovers of the time travel genre. The novel is a creative, engaging and brilliant display of Young-Ellis’ writing and storytelling skills.

One percent of the profits of the book sales go to the World Food Programme and/or Heifer International. The Time Baroness has earned its place as Kindle’s #88 Top Rated, Amazon’s #23 in Time Travel Romances and Amazon’s #1 selling travel novel set in England [at time of publication].

Editorial Review:

Set in the year 2120, time traveller Dr Cassandra Reilly travels back to 19th century England in order to spend a year experiencing life during Jane Austen’s time. As a wealthy American widow, Cassandra arrives at Sorrell Hall in Hampshire, ready to immerse herself in Regency life. She quickly adjusts to weekly baths, large, meat-filled meals, and obedient, yet cautious, servants. Her neighbours find her fascinating, and she soon feels as if she has indeed stepped into a Jane Austen novel as she is welcomed into her adopted community. All of her scientific preparations, however, cannot prepare her for the more emotional side of her journey when she meets a man who has the potential to be more than a friend. Coupled with an unexpected adventure that may blow her cover, Cassandra suddenly realises life in 1820 is anything but genteel. While I was fairly sceptical of a story set in the future involving time travel, I was intrigued by the aspect of going back in time to Jane Austen’s England. The intricate details and well-crafted story had me hooked from the very beginning and I loved everything about this book. The combination of science and romance worked nicely as the science parts weren’t too technical and the romance parts were more prominent. The Time Baroness is one of those books you can’t put down but don’t want to read too fast, wanting to stay in the story with all of the wonderful characters as long as possible. A definite must-read.

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Author: Georgina Young-Ell.. Publisher: Leaping Tall Build.. Binding: Kindle Edition Language: English Pages: 317

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